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Amanda Jane specialise in weddings and special events- Simply put Amanda Jane loves weddings and is eager and excited to meet with you to plan and create luscious floral concepts for your special day!

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Wedding Ceremony Flowers

Whether you plan a traditional church ceremony, a ceremony on the beach, or a rural setting, floral designs simple and elegant or lavish and spectacular will add that special personal touch to your wedding ceremony flowers.

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Wedding Bouquets

The significance of the bridal bouquet has changed considerably over time. Originally it would have been a posy of herbs and spices designed to keep evil spirits away from the wedding and later it would have been a symbol of the innocence and purity of the bride. These days wedding bouquets are usually chosen for their colours and the beauty of the flowers.

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“I have always loved flowers and beautiful things. It came as no surprise to my family when fate helped me land a volunteer job for a Valentine’s Day helping out a local florist. After the dust settled on what could only be described as organised pandemonium I decided to follow my heart and enrolled at Ultimo TAFE where I went on to complete my studies. It might seem strange to say but I truly put a small piece of myself in every arrangement as I love what I do.” – Amanda Jane

Choosing your perfect wedding bouquet is often one of the most difficult styling decisions you will make for your wedding day, sometimes the choices are a little overwhelming and the seasonality of available blooms can be confusing and affect your choice.

Amanda Jane will assist you by creating a styling floral concept that enhances your wedding theme. The design, colour palette and style of your bridal gowns are an integral component to the overall design inspiration for your floral bouquets. The colour palette of your bridal party, their gowns and styling, also enhance the floral theme and she will walk you through the possible options for your considerations.

I truly put a small piece of myself in every arrangement as I love what I do!


As a small business with low overheads Amanda Jane can guarantee absolute freshness and competitive prices. Consultations are by appointments only and are available for booking on weeknights and weekends. Weekend appointments are limted and scheduled around weddings and event commitments and are advised to book in advance. Contact Amanda Jane today to arrange a suitable time.


Amanda Jane has a passion for creating wedding flowers, whether it is an indulgent extravaganza or an intimate small setting, her commitment to the clients’ needs is always paramount.

Table Arrangements

Amanda Jane creates beautiful table scapes. Some of my favourite weddings involve detailed table designs and ceremony concepts that create an amazing and unique space for the guests to enjoy.

Wedding Bouquets

Choosing your perfect wedding bouquet is often one of the most difficult decisions you will have to make for your wedding day. Amanda Jane will gather all of the components of your wedding day together to come up with an amazing floral theme that will leave a lasting impression that guests won’t forget.

Flowers Available all Year

Alstroemeria, Anthurium, Asiatic Lilies, Daisy, Freesia, Gardenia, Gerbera, Gladioli, Glasshouse Roses, Iris, Lilies, Lilium, Longiflorum, Oriental Lilies, Phalaenopsis Orchid, Protea, Singapore Orchid, Snapdragon, Tulip


Aster, Belladonna Lily, Bird of Paradise, Bouvardia, Buddleia, Calla Lily, Christmas Bells, Cornflowers, Dahlia, Delphinium, Designer Coloured Roses, Frangipani, Freesia, Garden Roses, Gardenia, Gerbera, Ginger, Gladioli, Gloriosa Lily, Grevillea, Hangers, Heliconia, Holly, Hydrangea, Iris, Jasmine, LA Lily, Larkspur, Lavender, Leucadendron, Liatris, Lisianthus, Mini Roses, November Lily, Oriental Lily, Pansy, Peony, Pineapple Lilies, Pixie Spray Carnation, Privet Berries, Proteas, Queen Anne’s Lace, Sim Carnation, Singapore Orchids, Solidaster, Stephanotis, Sunflowers, Sweet Pea, Tiger Lily, Tuberose, Water Lilies, Zinnia.


Alstomeria,  Antherium,  Asters,  Azalea,  Baby’s Breath,  Bird of Paradise,  Brunii,  Cosmos,  Delphinium,  Designer Coloured Roses,  Easter Daisy,  Frangipani,  Garden Roses,  Gardenia,  Gladioli,  Hangers,  Hydrangea,  Iris,  Jonquil,  LA Lily,  Lavender,  Leucadendron,  Lisianthus,  Nerine,  November Lily,  Peniculata,  Pixie Carnation,  Poppies,  Privet Berries,  Proteas,  Sim Carnation,  Stephanotis,  Stock,  Sweet Pea,  Tiger Lily,  Tropical Orchids,  Tuberose,  Tulips,  Violets,  Water Lilies.


Anemone, Anthuriums, Australian Natives, Bird of Paradise, Bixia, Blossom, Camellia, Cyclamen, Cymbidium Orchids, Daffodil, Dahlia, Daphne, Delphinium, Earlicheer, Erica, Freesia, Gerbera, Heliconia, Hyacinth, Hydrangea, imported Roses, Jasmine, Jonquil, Kale, LA Lily,Oriental Lily, Lilliums, Lisianthus, Nerine, November Lily, Phaly Orchid, Pixie Carnation, Poppy, Ranunculus, Rhododendron, Rosehip, Rosehip, Sim Carnation, Singapore Orchids, Stock, Sweet Pea, Tiger Lily, Tropical Claws, Tropical Orchids, Tulip, Violet, Wattle. Gymea Lily.


Alstromeria, Andromata, Anenome, Arum Lily, Australian Natives, Azalea, Baby’s Breath, Blossom, Blue Bells, Calendula, Camellia, Cornflowers, Daffodil, Delphinium, Erica, Forget me not, Foxgloves, Freesia, Garden Roses, Gardenia, Godetia, Hyacinth, Iris, Jasmine, LA Lily, Lavender, Lilac, Lily of the Valley, Love in the Mist, Misty Blue, Muscari, November Lily, Oriental Lily, Peony Rose, Phaly Orchid, Pixie Carnation, Poppy, Queen Annes Lace, Ranunculus, Rhododendron, Sim Carnation, Snapdragon, Stephanotis, Stock, Sweet Pea, Sweet William, Tiger Lily, Tropical Orchids, Tulip, Viburnum. Arum Lily, Wall Flower.

My Work

Wedding floral designs, like fashion is diverse and individual. Amanda Jane will listen to you, understand your vision and then present you with a floral styling concept to finish the essential details.

Complimentary consultations by appointment.

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